Research Associates - Faculty Partners

  • Dr. Zenong Yin (Health)
  • Dr. Tammy Wyatt (Health)
  • Dr. Sara Oswalt (Health)
  • Dr. Timothy Grigsby (Health)
  • Dr. Jeffrey Howard (Data Analytics & Health)
  • Dr. Tianou Zhang (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Masa Umeda (Kinesiology)
  • Dr. Sarah Ullevig (Coordinated Dietetics Program)
  • Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill (Psychology)
  • Dr. Kimberly Kline (Communications)
  • Dr. Kandyce Fernandez (Public Administration)

Research Seminar Series

for researchers

The CCBAHR hosts its annual Cutting-Edge Research in Community-Based and Applied Health seminar series to bring together collaborators conducting innovative research. The seminar allows researchers and community partners to network, share innovative approaches and methods, and advance research in the areas of community-based and applied health.