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Information on the CCJ internship program can be found here.

Contact Chris Booker for more information.

The Internship Experience (KIN 4936) is required for some seniors seeking a degree in Kinesiology. Internship (KIN 4936) can be taken as an elective for students who are on degree plans that do not require an internship experience. For more information, visit the Kinesiology Internships webpage.

The Internship Program enables students to receive course credit for supervised experience in an applied Psychology setting. Placements include both social service and research settings. Students must have a minimum 3.0 overall GPA to be eligible for an internship. For more information, visit the Psychology Internships webpage or contact Dr. Eileen Achorn.

The Department of Public Administration helps to connect students with internship opportunities in order to further the student’s academic study while gaining professional work experience. Internships allow students to gain insight about their career goals, develop their professional network, and to learn about the skills needed in the public, private and nonprofit sectors. For more information, visit the Public Administration Internships webpage.

The internship experience (HTH 4936) is required for seniors seeking a degree in health or public health. It is required to complete the internship during the final semester of the degree. The internship gives the student an opportunity to apply and integrate the cognitive knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in real-world settings. For more information, please visit the Public Health Internships webpage.

Students pursuing the major in Sociology complete the program by engaging in an internship that offers supervised work experience relevant to sociology within selected organizations and agencies. For more information, visit the Sociology Internships webpage.

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