The Internship Experience (KIN 4936) is required for some seniors seeking a degree in Kinesiology. Additionally, Internship (KIN 4936) can be taken as an elective for students who are on degree plans that do not require an internship experience. Students can see whether or not the internship is required by reviewing their degree plans in Degree Works. The internship should be completed during the final semester of the degree; however, under extenuating circumstances students may be granted an exemption to complete the internship in an earlier semester. The Internship provides students with the opportunity to apply and integrate the cognitive knowledge and skills acquired in other Kinesiology courses in the real-world settings. As a department, we are here to support you in this authentic experience as you begin to transition into your career field upon completion of the internship program and graduation. We look forward to working with you throughout your internship semester.

Course Description

This course is designed to provide a supervised internship with an agency that closely mirrors your career aspirations in the field of exercise science, wellness, and kinesiology and health science. Students enrolled in the course are required to complete a total of 300 hours of work experience at the internship site. This equates to approximately 20 hours of internship hours per week (Fall/Spring) and 30 hours per week (Summer).

Sandra Morales


Sandra Morales, M.S.

Lecturer I, Internship Coordinator


Frequently Asked Questions

Please work with your academic advisor to see if an internship is required for your degree plan or if it can be applied to your degree plan as an elective course. Once registration opens, you will need to register for KIN 4936.

You will need to complete 300 hours at your site prior to the end of the academic semester.

Kinesiology students will be assisted by the Kinesiology department that has established collaborations with a number of internship sites. Each site provides slightly different learning experiences and exposure to different fields within Kinesiology. After registration for KIN 4936, students can view the list of available sites online. Students are encouraged to do their research on each possible site to decide what sites will serve them best. Students will be asked to rank the available sites based on their preference. The internship coordinator will coordinate connecting students to the different sites based on availability and student interest.

The internship sites that the Department of Kinesiology offers already agreed to accepting interns, so no application process is needed. However, most internship sites have only limited number of internship spots while student demand may be exceeding. Therefore, most sites conduct preliminary interviews with interested students and select the students they wish to work with.

Please contact the Kinesiology Internship Coordinator with more information about the type of internship you desire.

No, please view the list of sites on the Kinesiology Internship website to view the complete list of sites that are partners with the Kinesiology Department. The internship coordinator may be able to further explain sites and work with you to identify a location that would provide you the desired experience relevant to your future career aspirations.

No, we would like you to choose another location to get a different experience for this course.

No, your internship hours must be completed at a different location than where you currently work.

In the fall and spring, you would work 20 hours per week. In the summer, you would work 30 hours per week.

KIN 4936 is intended to give real life experience and teach job skills directly related to your desired career by immersing yourself into the professional work force in the final semester prior to your graduation. In contrast KIN 4933 can be taken at any point during your education and serves as a firsthand experience in the field of research by joining a faculty member in their research lab for a semester.

Internship Preparation


  • Set goals for yourself
  • Create a schedule and stick to it
  • Clarify the dress code
  • Prepare to be open minded to a new experience
  • Review your position description and the company's mission


  • Take initiative
  • Be professional and on time
  • Say "yes" to opportunities
  • Ask questions and get feedback
  • Reflect on your goals
  • Share your goals with your supervisor
  • Show enthusiasm and passion
  • Communicate openly with your supervisor and peers


  • Reflect on your complete experience
  • Ask for feedback
  • Identify new skills and add them to your resume
  • Stay in touch withy your supervisor and peers
  • Show interest in future opportunities
  • Send a thank you card