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Undergraduate Internship Information

The Department of Public Administration helps to connect students with internship opportunities in order to further the student’s academic study while gaining professional work experience. Internships allow students to gain insight about their career goals, develop their professional network, and to learn about the skills needed in the public, private and nonprofit sectors.

For Employers – Hosting an Intern

Potential internship host sites should speak with department staff or the Internship Coordinator for assistance in determining eligibility. Internship sites must be willing to complete University required Affiliation Agreements.

For questions about internship processing or information concerning internship opportunities please contact 210-458-2533.

For Students – How to Enroll in the Internship Course

Undergraduate students interested in enrolling in an internship course should follow these steps:

  1. Get ready to apply: Students will need to prepare a resume and cover letters in order to apply for internship opportunities. We strongly encourage students to use the resources available from UTSA Career Services to ensure that you have a competitive application. Make an appointment with a Career Services Counselor to get valuable feedback on your resume.
  2. Identify and apply for internships: The department regularly emails remote internship opportunities to students. Students can also learn of internship opportunities by visiting the UTSA Career Services website or registering for an account with Handshake , UTSA’s job and internship database. Students are responsible for making contact with the agency, applying and interviewing for internship positions. Our Internship Coordinator, Gina Amatangelo , works with students to help identify placements that match your interests and provides coaching on the process.
  3. Seek approval to enroll in the class: Once accepted to an internship, students should email their job description to Gina Amatangelo for approval to enroll in the course.
James Rivera interning with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, D.C.

Once your internship has been approved, your advisor will be notified to enroll you in the course.

All students interested in completing an internship must work with their agency site before the semester when they want to complete their internship. See the deadlines listed below.

Deadlines for declaring Internship Interest

Internship approval forms should be turned in the semester prior to the intended semester, no later than:

Spring semester internship – December 1
Fall semester internship – August 15
Summer semester internship – May 15

No work can begin until all necessary paperwork is approved.

Previous Internship Sites:

Students in the Public Administration program have interned with the City of San Antonio, members of Congress and the Texas Legislature as well as a range of state and federal agencies and nonprofit organizations.

For questions about internships or information concerning internship opportunities, please call 210-458-2533.

Forms for the Internship Site:

Internship Agency Information Sheet (required to begin the affiliation agreements)

Site Supervisor Mid-Term Evaluation

Site Supervisor Final Evaluation

Bachelor of Public Administration and Nonprofit Minor Internship Information (Undergraduates)

BPA students are not required to complete an internship but they may complete an internship within nonprofit, public, or select private agencies as part of their elective course choices.

Students from any discipline who are completing the Nonprofit Minor must complete PAD 4933 (3 credit hours). Students completing other certificates or minors may have requirements in addition to those for the Nonprofit Minor. It is recommended that students communicate directly with those offices responsible for the certification or with their advisor.

Students may enroll in a PAD 4933 (3 credit hours) or PAD 4936 (6 credit hours). Students are expected to complete 300 internship work hours for 6 semester credit hours or 150 internship work hours for 3 semester credit hours.

Prerequisites: Approval of the instructor of record in the course’s intended semester.

Graduate Internship Information

Graduate Internships in the Master of Public Administration program

MPA students without previous public service employment (those designated as “pre-service” upon admission) must complete 6 semester hours of internship credit.

Students have the option of enrolling in PAD 6963 (3 credit hours) in two separate semesters, or PAD 6966 (6 credit hours) in one semester to meet the 6 hour requirement. Students are expected to complete 300 internship work hours for 6 semester credit hours or 150 internship work hours for 3 semester credit hours.

Prerequisites: Good academic standing, consent of the instructor of record in the course’s intended semester, and 18 semester credits of graduate work.

Do I need to do an internship?

If you have a strong work experience and background, you may submit a resume and cover letter to demonstrate the attainment of leadership roles and practices to the GAR for review. Satisfactory submissions result in a waiver for the internship requirement. These waiver requests should be submitted no later than the semester prior to your planned graduation date. Please see the MPA Student Handbook for more information on the waiver process.

During the Internship:

  • Student will receive a course syllabus with internship course expectations and responsibilities. All course assignments will be completed remotely and submitted via Blackboard.
  • Students must complete responsibilities prior to the last exam date in order to be awarded a grade.
  • Department staff and the Internship Coordinator will work with the intern and the intern’s direct supervisor to ensure the internship continues to be beneficial for both students and the organization.

MPA Student Placements 2019-20

  • United States Air Force (2)
  • City of Leon Valley
  • Congressman Joaquin Castro
  • Congressman Henry Cuellar
  • State Senator Jose Menendez (2)
  • KSAT 12 (television)
  • UTSA Mexico Center and The Child and Adolescent Policy Research Institute
  • San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo
  • Centers for Applied Science and Technology (CAST) Schools
Closeup of smiling student meeting with an advisor

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