Welcome to the Growing Resilient Outcomes Within The Home (GROWTH) Lab! We are happy you are here to learn more about us.

At the GROWTH Lab, our mission is to advocate for children and families through research and community-engaged projects. We work to achieve our mission by conducting basic and applied developmental science that contributes to the theoretical understanding of developmental processes while also informing solutions to real-world challenges that are encountered by families and those who work with children and families. We work with local and national family-focused organizations to enhance the impact of our work. Undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students receive high-quality training in basic and applied areas of developmental psychology and participate in community-engaged initiatives that contribute to enhancing the well-being of youth in Bexar County. We do all of this to contribute to our vision of empowering children and families to thrive. We have several exciting projects for children, families, and students to get involved. We look forward to working with you soon!