The Team on Acculturation, Risk, and the Development of Identity and Self (TARDIS) at University of Texas at San Antonio is directed by Dr. Alan Meca (Pronouns: el, he, him). TARDIS is focused on understanding identity development across various domains (i.e., ethnic/racial, academic, military, and parental identity) as well as the links between identity and psychosocial functioning (e.g., well-being, internalizing and externalizing symptoms, etc.), health risk behaviors (e.g., alcohol use, risk-sex taking behavior, etc.), and educational achievement. Findings from TARDIS have implications for interventions, education, and public policy.

Interested in Joining?

If you are interested in studying identity development, acculturation, cultural identity, emerging adulthood, and risk behavior, you may want to join TARDIS! The TARDIS will give you the opportunity to learn what research is all about. As part of TARDIS, you will be involved in every step of research, from data collection to analysis. More central to your career, involvement in TARDIS will prepare you for your graduate school and research and academic careers.

For undergraduates at UTSA interested in volunteering with TARDIS, know that each year we recruit a number of undergraduate students to work on various research studies. If you are interested in joining TARDIS, visit the Prospective Students page on our website.

For prospective masters or doctoral students, visit the Prospective Students page to learn more about the graduate program at UTSA, TARIDS, and whether we are currently actively recruiting graduate students.