Posted on May 23, 2023 by Amanda Cerreto

Master of Psychology student Christopher Huong has been awarded the 2023 Emerging Scholar Award from the Association for Psychological Science (APS).

christopher-huong.jpgIn the upcoming annual convention for APS, hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, along with psychological scientists at all levels, will present their research and engage in discussions with interested colleagues. Huong was notified of the award prior to the conference.

Huong won the award for his research, "Comparing Network Structures of Depressive Symptoms and Covariates between Females and Males in a Large Cross-Sectional Sample." Keep reading for his interview with APS.

What drew you to your research? 

Many experiences and books have led me to understand that studying psychopathology was my calling. One of those experiences was volunteering for the suicide and crisis lifeline. Understanding the varieties of human misery is a crucial component to the successful promotion of individual and societal flourishing. 

What did the research reveal to you that you didn’t already know?   

Understanding how the structure of symptom networks compare between groups, such as sex, revealed how depression may be uniquely experienced, and how risk factors and treatment strategies may differ. 

What are your plans going forward? 

I plan to pursue a PhD in clinical psychology and a career in academic research.

— Amanda Cerreto