Posted on April 27, 2023 by Amanda Cerreto

University Excellence Awards

University Excellence Awards

The University Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of Roadrunner faculty and staff, ranging from exceptional teaching and innovative research to exemplary team spirit and impactful advocacy. The following HCAP faculty earned awards:

wallace-erica-circle.pngErica Wallace: President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Teaching Excellence

This award is to recognize, encourage and reward accomplished faculty whose command of their respective disciplines, teaching methodologies, communication skills and commitment to learning translate into a superior learning experience for students. The award is aimed at faculty who maintain high expectations and standards for their students, ensuring academic rigor, while meeting the challenges of motivating students and helping them develop into educated, ethical and responsible citizens.


amatangelo-gina-circle.pngGina Amatangelo: President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Core Curriculum Teaching

This award is to recognize distinguished performance in teaching one or a set of core curriculum courses during the academic year of the award; innovation and involvement in core development projects; thoughtful engagement with the aims of the core curriculum; and excellence in teaching as demonstrated by standard measures of performance. This award will be of similar recognition, quality, character, and process to the other university-level faculty awards which are of high distinction and peer-reviewed at UTSA, signaling the key role of instructional quality and content in shaping what all UTSA graduates should know for their future roles in society.


enriquez-roger-circle.pngRoger Enriquez: President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Community Engagement

This award is to recognize, encourage and reward those faculty who are exemplary in their service and civic scholarship outside of the university, providing leadership and making significant contributions to the public good. This award recognizes the importance of continuous contributions to the external community that create sustainable connections with the university, elevate the civic mission of the institution and provide measured impacts on community needs.


he-meizi-circle.pngMeizi He: President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Innovation & Impact

Innovations, both in the areas of learning and research, are central to UTSA’s vision of becoming a model for student success, a great research university, and an exemplar for strategic growth and excellence. Founded in fall 2018 to foster and celebrate innovative thinking at UTSA, the President’s Innovation and Impact (I2) Award, recognizes creative and innovative team projects of high impact which involve partnerships across boundaries (within UTSA and/or elsewhere) and have potential for future expansion.


tillyer-marie-circle.pngMarie Tillyer: President’s Distinguished Achievement Award for Excellence in Mentoring

UTSA recognizes the critical role that faculty mentors play in the success of their colleagues. In order to foster a culture of faculty mentoring at UTSA, this award is to recognize, encourage and reward those faculty who are exemplary in their commitment to mentoring within the university whose service has had impact on the opportunities and development of UTSA faculty by providing mentoring in critical areas such as teaching and research.


do-quyen.pngQuyen Do: President’s Distinguished Diversity Award

In keeping with UTSA Core Values, the President’s Distinguished Diversity Awards (PDDA) are annual awards that bestow the highest level of recognition to individuals or groups for work that helps the UTSA community think about and practice diversity and inclusion in creative and collaborative ways. The awards especially seek to recognize efforts to engage students in cross-cultural activities to demonstrably extend their knowledge of communities different from their own and/or to enhance their multicultural competence for working with diverse communities at UTSA, San Antonio, Texas, and beyond.

— Amanda Cerreto