Posted on September 18, 2022 by Amanda Cerreto

Students in the Nutrition & Dietetics program recently partnered with the Roadrunner Food Pantry to develop recipes for the most common foods donated. Each recipe was created and tested by our Dietetic students. A photo of the recipe with a QR code was posted by each food item in the pantry for easy access. View the recipes below!

Salma and Michelle creating recipes “The collaboration between the Whataburger Resource Room and the CPD program have made a tremendous impact in providing wonderful, healthy recipes for UTSA students. The senior dietetic students created simple, easy-to-follow recipes utilizing food products inside the pantry! The recipes also include important nutritional facts for students. UTSA students are able to scan the recipe QR codes inside the pantry and store it into their phone for whenever they need to use it.” – Becky Li , MPA Student, Graduate Assistant


“Working on creating the recipes that utilize the food products inside the pantry as part of the collaboration between the Coordinated Dietetics Program and the Whataburger Resource Room at UTSA was a great opportunity that allowed us to grow as dietetics students. Though it was challenging, it was equally exciting as we tried to create easy, healthy, and nutrient-dense recipes from limited food products. We hope students will love our recipes and that we have made it easier for them by creating these QR codes! Our motto was always that eating healthy does not have to be boring, so take the first step towards your healthier self and enjoy our fun- to make delicious-to-eat recipes!” – Michelle Aguilar and Salma Abdelrahma n, Dietetics Students

— Amanda Cerreto