Posted on June 1, 2021 by Amanda Cerreto

Four Public Administration students have been accepted into the City of San Antonio’s Ambassador Summer Internship Program.

The program exposes students to professional opportunities and innovative career paths through paid internships, Peer-to-Peer networking sessions, and community service projects. Program participants are placed with government entities, non-profit agencies, and private organizations to gain experience in high-demand occupations in an effort to attract San Antonio's graduating professionals to career opportunities within the local community.

Eric Cavazos Eric Cavazos – Master of Public Administration

“My goal is to work for the City of San Antonio and assist with the development of innovative and sustainable solutions for the challenges we face. With this internship, I hope to build my professional experience and sharpen my skills, specifically research design and policy analysis. Ultimately, I want to gain a better understanding of the interactions between the government, private, and non-profit sectors of our city so that I can help contribute to the progress of San Antonio.”


Armando Cruz Armando Cruz – Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Policy

“Being accepted to the CoSA internship is a great opportunity for me to grow both educationally and professionally. This will give me the chance to grow my network and gain some valuable work experience.”



Derek Guevara Derek Guevara – Master of Public Administration

“My acceptance in the Ambassador Program means a lot to me because the City of San Antonio believes I can have a positive impact on our community, even if it is just in the role of an intern. I am very eager to begin my partnership with the City Manager’s Office for the summer, which I think will prove to be a beneficial experience. I hope to soak up as much as I can through this opportunity to work up close and personal with such a crucial component of our city. I’m pretty excited about working as an ambassador because it provides the chance to start building professional relationships and make connections with potential employers. From an educational perspective, this internship opportunity allows students like me to get a better understanding of the lessons and theories we learn about as we can actually connect them to the reality of the working environment.”


Gabe Lugo Gabe Lugo – Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration and Policy

“This internship means more than the title of COSA Ambassador and really to me means the idea of opening the door for other Latinx members. It means paving the way for the imperfect people on their path to graduation. I am in no way a perfect student, and to me, this internship means a chance to prove that a GPA is never the definitive factor of life. I hope this internship means I can secure a job after graduation and I am hoping it allows others to be hopeful about their futures.”

— Amanda Cerreto