Posted on May 17, 2021 by Amanda Cerreto

Marla Guti érrez is a 2021 graduate with a Bachelor of Science in Public Health and a concentration in Epidemiology and Disease Control. She shares her thoughts on how her time at UTSA shaped her, and thanks the people that helped her along the way.

Marla Gutierrez Imagine winning the lottery…being granted wishes by a genie…having all the stars in the sky in your hands.

Yet, I didn't have to "imagine." My life was changed by the Terry Foundation . I had the blessing to attend UTSA on a full scholarship and by God's wonders, my family, and a little magic, I was able to form a family away from home with all my UTSA Terrys , connect and become integrated into a long line of fellow Terrys all over Texas, and most importantly, know that I am enough to conquer anything I set my mind to. The investment you made in me will allow me a lifetime to pay it forward. Thank you from the bottom of my heart- this little star will always shine because of you.

Prevent. Promote. Protect.

With a passion to help others and a medical mindset, there truly would have been no better time spent than learning the foundation of the science and art of tracking disease outbreaks, preventing injury, and studying health outcomes between groups means to the world. People and their communities are the concern, but they are the solution. Funny how I went from reading about pandemics in class to actually living through one! I came to numerous realizations during this time, one of them being the amount of appreciation and fascination I have for my field. I'm craving more… If there's a health problem, don't just solve it, PREVENT IT from happening to lead a fuller life.

Marla Gutierrez A 4-year synopsis:

  • Terry Scholarship
  • Grappled with OChem, Genetics, Biochemistry
  • Cum Laude
  • President's List & Honor Roll
  • 10 leadership positions within five organizations (even helped start one)
  • UTSA Who's Who Recipient
  • Two Public Health Internships (UTSA & UTHSCSA)
  • Service hours GALORE
  • Mental health suffered many blows, but music, family, friends, & coffee made it better
  • Small business owner
  • Have the BEST friends I now call familia
  • Pandemic & Winter Storm survivor


— Amanda Cerreto