Posted on April 8, 2021 by Amanda Cerreto

From April 6-7, UTSA held its inaugural Giving Day. For 1,969 minutes—or 32 hours, 49 minutes—in honor of the university founding in 1969, Roadrunner Nation made their voices heard by donating to areas of campus that are important to them.

Giving day 2 The College for Health, Community and Policy raised nearly $7,000 from 60 donors. Gifts to HCaP will directly impact the inaugural HCaP scholarship, which ensures the best and brightest students can enroll in our undergraduate and graduate programs without financial strain and ensures diversity, equity and inclusion.

"I am so honored by our alumni, staff, faculty and students who have put their trust and faith in us by sharing their own resources with the College for Health, Community and Policy," said Founding Dean Lynne Cossman. "I can assure you all that we will be superb stewards of your resources, using them to create the strongest learning environment and opportunities for HCaP students."

While fundraising for HCaP continues all day long, Giving Day was an opportunity to come together as a community to make an impact and show the UTSA community what the newest College has to offer. With nearly 40 faculty and staff making gifts, it was a solid foundation to build a culture of philanthropy. Dean Cossman matched all gifts up to $500, further proving how much she - and others - believe in the mission and future of HCaP.

“Giving Day was a perfect example of the wonderful areas brewing in the new College and Institution,” said Chief Development Office Lisa Hernandez. “By engaging and working together, we enable HCaP to provide a truly unique educational experience that will have a positive impact. It is a privilege to expand our funding reach and we are appreciative of the generosity from our friends and team members. They are truly setting the example and are champions for our community!”

— Amanda Cerreto