Posted on August 13, 2019 by Michelle Skidmore

Recent grad Lily Casura M.S.W. ’19 and Roger Enriquez, J.D., director of the Policy Studies Center and associate professor in the Department of Criminal Justice, collaborated to publish a white paper that examines ten years of domestic violence felonies in Bexar County. Their work addresses the fact that further investigation and research is needed to understand the causes and conditions of domestic violence locally. The paper titled “Examining 10 Years of Felony Family Violence Offenses in Bexar County” shows the results of the analysis of ten years of felony family violence cases.

According to the paper, cases of domestic violence are declining nationally, but in San Antonio and Bexar County, domestic violence incidents are on the rise as well as homicides of women by their male intimate partners. Casura and Enriquez note that more research is necessary to see what aspects of Bexar County’s approach to domestic violence need improvement and what cultural characteristics could be contributing to the normalization of domestic violence through repeat felony offenses.

View the full report: Examining 10 Years of Felony Family Violence Offenses in Bexar County

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— Michelle Skidmore