Posted on August 1, 2019 by Michelle Skidmore

by Tyler Temperton ’12

I grew up in Clear Lake City, a suburb roughly 20 miles southeast of Houston. I would say I acquired my desire to build things and my analytical sense from my parents, which is why I Tyler Temperton '12 enjoy project management. My father, a certified public accountant, always enjoyed building things (decks, furniture, etc.). My mother, who had a career in sales, always enjoyed house projects. Both my parents would always find me building things or taking things and putting them back together. My uncles are all in construction in some form, and it seems the construction industry is in our DNA. I have always enjoyed constructing things, and as I have grown older, there is nothing I enjoy more than seeing a large-scale project come to fruition.

I wanted to get a construction management type of degree, but my parents advised me to get a degree in business because the construction industry comes and goes in waves, and with a business degree, I could do anything. After speaking with my mentor, I decided a degree in Public Administration would provide the business background needed to work in "business" but also provide vast knowledge in policy, urban planning, development, etc. While studying Public Administration at UTSA, two of my favorite papers I wrote were about zoning restrictions and the need for policy and the Edwards Aquifer and water restrictions. Many people do not realize the amount of research and coordination that goes into water policy to ensure sustainability of our critical water resources infrastructure. My education in Public Administration has helped me understand the due diligence required prior to ground-up construction projects.

Working with Metropolitan Contracting as a Project Manager, I manage all aspects of the construction phases on the jobs assigned to me. I start with design review, then cost estimating, and then to contract negotiations and obtaining permits. Once construction commences, I handle cost projections and scheduling to produce quality work that is on time and within budget. I facilitate relationships between architects, engineers, owners, etc. and ensure safety and quality control in the field.

I love my job and love to work. When I am not working at the office, I spend a lot of time doing work around the house. All my free time is spent with my beautiful girlfriend, family and friends. During the warm months, I am either in the pool or on the lake. During the cooler months, you'll find me on the back porch listening to music with my dogs and throwing something on the pit to cook up.

— Michelle Skidmore