Posted on October 22, 2018 by Michelle Skidmore

Rogelio Saenz The National Diversity Council recognized Demography Professor & Dean Rogelio Sáenz as a Top Latino Leader at the 2018 Council for Latino Workplace Equity’s Conference on Latino Leadership. Its theme for this year was titled “Power of the Past: Force of the Future.” Sáenz was recognized during the awards luncheon held on Oct. 10 in Los Angeles, California. He was one of the 40 winners who made tremendous contributions toward promoting diversity and inclusion within their workplaces and communities through advocacy and education.

The Council for Latino Workplace Equity (CLWE) is an initiative of the National Diversity Council. The CLWE serves as a platform to foster workplace equity for Latino talent. Every year, the conference brings together executives, entrepreneurs, innovators, educators and policy makers in an effort to foster change and opportunity within the Latino community.


— Michelle Skidmore