Posted on August 6, 2018 by Michelle Skidmore

David McCary David McCary, MPA ’16 is the Solid Waste Management Director for the City of San Antonio. He is also a certified public manager. He plans, directs, manages, and oversees collections operations for the nation’s seventh largest city. He has led innovations and advancements in automated collection technologies in four major cities, which resulted in millions saved in tax payers’ dollars.

David McCary has over 30 years of professional experience in the field of solid waste management. Under his leadership, San Antonio won the State’s 2015 Star Recycling Award from the Solid Waste Association of North American Texas Chapter for their advancement in recycling and waste reduction programs. His leadership was instrumental in converting to fully automated garbage and recycling collection and the creation of the city’s first Recycling and Resource Recovery Plan. His employees see him as an outstanding leader and great mentor, and McCary believes employees are the greatest asset.

UTSA’s MPA program exemplifies the very essence of public policies that create professional development opportunities for all City of San Antonio employees under my leadership. The UTSA College of Public Policy has placed a gold ribbon on my career. I feel complete as a professional and can truly say that I have mastered my craft .”

— Michelle Skidmore