Posted on January 30, 2018 by Amanda Cerreto

All students enrolled in PSY 1013 Intro to Psychology are required to participate in illustrative research through SONA. The SONA Studies Research Participation System is now open.  All students currently enrolled in PSY 1013 classes have been sent an email on how to access the SONA sign-up system. If you did not receive an email, contact Janice Marshall at (210) 458-6582 or Wanda McNair at (210) 458-4372.

Those making up incompletes will not receive further email notifications as we have no means for separating out those with incompletes from other students within the SONA system. If you need to make up an incomplete and do not have your login information, call Janice Marshall at (210) 458-6582 or Wanda McNair at (210) 458-4372 to have it emailed to you.

— Amanda Cerreto