Posted on January 8, 2018 by Jana Schwartz

Associate Professor in the Department of Demography Corey Sparks assumes editorial role with Lynne Cossman of West Virginia University of the internationally-recognized social sciences journal Population Research and Policy Review.

As one of the top 20 journals in the field of population studies, Population Research and Policy Review includes articles that inform policy and program development with demographic, economic, social, political, and health research papers and related contributions based on direct scientific evaluation. The journal publishes top quality material of interest to professionals working in the fields of population and is the flagship journal of the Southern Demography Association (SDA). It is published six times a year.

Sparks was awarded the editorship after a competitive review process. After responding to a request for proposals to the SDA board, he received approval to have the editorial position at UTSA. As a co-editor-in-chief, Sparks will manage the content of the journal and oversee the peer-review process for all manuscripts.

“Demographic research often has implications for both national and local level policy discussions,” said Sparks.

“Articles that combine recent population research with policy implications are the focus of this journal,” he added.

With Sparks working as co-editor, Demography students get a chance to see how the review process takes place and how research gets published. Most students never get to see the internal parts of the publication process. Sparks will have a Graduate Research Assistant (GRA) who will serve as an editorial assistant for the journal.

“An added benefit of working with a GRA is that it allows students to get exposed to the research and to see what people are working on in the field,” noted Sparks.

"Dr. Sparks' effort in securing the co-editorship is in direct alignment with UTSA President Taylor Eighmy's strategic themes of UTSA becoming a great multicultural discovery enterprise that is world engaged and provides exceptional student experiences," said Rob Tillyer, associate professor and associate dean of graduate studies and research. “Dr. Sparks' work will bring valuable recognition to the UTSA community regarding the excellent work undertaken by its faculty and students.”

— Jana Schwartz