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Laboratory of Community Health and Nutrition Research

The Laboratory of Community Health and Nutrition Research engages in collaborative research with community partners. The laboratory’s focus is to actively engage and empower communities to identify health-related issues impacting their community and to increase community capacity to address those issues in meaningful and sustainable ways. Because diabetes, obesity and other nutrition-related diseases disproportionately burden south Texas, our laboratory focuses primarily on these health issues and macro-level nutrition initiatives that can aid in prevention of disease.

global health research lab

Global Health Research Lab

The Global Health Research Lab (GHRL) seeks to engage in collaborative research focused on public health issues centered on health equity and community empowerment. The research in this lab focuses primarily on sexual and reproductive health outcomes in populations in local and global settings. The two primary research aims of the GHRL are to: 1) understand psychosocial, cultural, and structural determinants of HIV and reproductive health outcomes in populations affected by health disparities; 2) develop and test multi-level community-based interventions to improve public health service delivery and health outcomes.

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Human Nutrition Laboratory

The focus of the Human Nutrition Laboratory is to target and improve the health of the diverse communities within San Antonio. Our research program addresses the problems of obesity and its comorbidities using both behavioral and metabolic approaches. Several intervention research projects are currently underway to target modifiable behavioral risk factors for obesity and related diseases in minorities, with a primary focus on Hispanics, in community and daycare settings.

Mobile Health Lab

Mobile Health Laboratory

The Mobile Health Laboratory is a 38-foot customized mobile home equipped with the most advanced technology used for comprehensive health assessments and used as a facility for community-based interventions in inner-city and rural areas. UTSA is committed to develop cost-effective obesity and diabetes prevention programs for at-risk populations in Texas. The mobile health lab allows UTSA researchers to conduct research in these two vital areas while service the community as well.

Student taking notes in the laboratory

Team on Health Equity and Accessibility

THEA is a research lab designed to deepen evidence-based understanding about social and cultural drivers of health disparities, and to advance health equity and accessibility, particularly among marginalized populations.


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