Choose a Major: BS in Nutrition and Health vs. Combined BS and MDS

What are the differences between the two program offerings? Which one is the right path for your career goals?

To help you decide which program is right for you, we've put together a comparison checklist for prerequisites, requirements and post-graduation options.

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Comparison Checklist B.S. in Nutrition and Health Combined B.S. and M.D.S.
Nutriton and Dietetics Prerequisites Required Yes Yes AND General Chemistry II and lab, Organic Chemistry I and lab, Biochemistry
Years of study 4 Bachelor's: 4
Master's: 1
Total credits 120 Bachelor's: 120
Master's: 30
Elective credits 12 0
Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics approved No Yes
3.0 GPA required for progress
Hands-on learning opportunities Experiental and service-learning opportunities 1,000 hours accredited supervised practice (internship)
Specialization or degrees Specialization in Maternal Child Health & Nutrition OR Sustainable Nutrition & Food Systems BS in Dietetics and Nutrition AND Master of Dietetic Studies
Certification or professional title Can pursue certified lactation consultant OR certified dairy manager Pass national exam to earn Registered Dietitian Nutritionist
Can pursue minor Yes Yes
Potential for research experience Yes Yes
Employment opportunities Public health/government nutrition programs, food service management, food agriculture and insutry Registered dietitian in clinical, community, food service, private practice and more