Posted on March 16, 2021 by Amanda Cerreto

Master of Science in Psychology alumna Nirvana Ramtahal reflects on her experience and mentorship in the program.

Nirvana Ramtahal Nirvana Ramtahal, currently a doctoral student in clinical psychology, credits her experience with UTSA's Master of Psychology program for her success in the field thus far.

Ramtahal reflects fondly on her experience in the program, particularly with Dr. Ephrem Fernandez. "As a core member of his research team, the ‘Emotion and Sensation Research Group,' I had the privilege of developing my skills as a student, researcher, and professional in the field," she said.

Although Ramtahal encountered difficulties and challenges during her time in the program, her professors made sure she continued to excel. "I am most grateful for Dr. Fernandez's support, as he faithfully believed in my capacities," she said. “He held me in such high regards as his student, and this included the ways in which he held me accountable for my performance and contributions to our research team. If it were not for this standard that was placed upon me, I would not be the student I am today.”

Now that Ramtahal is immersed in the study of clinical psychology, she appreciates the opportunities that being a member of Emotion and Sensation Research Group has afforded her. During her time at UTSA, she co-authored two manuscripts with Dr. Fernandez and the team, both of which are published in reputable journals and have been presented at multiple conferences, nationally. “As I approach the final stages towards completing my doctoral degree, I remain both proud and humbled by my experiences in the M.S. program in Psychology,” Ramtahal said.

— Amanda Cerreto