Posted on June 9, 2019 by Michelle Skidmore

(June 10, 2019) – Demography Professor Rogelio Sáenz produced a study which finds that women in San Antonio are earning less than their counterparts in other Texas cities. Census data show that the wage gap between men and women is larger in San Antonio than the gap in Dallas, Austin, and Houston. KENS5 interviewed Sáenz to discuss the wage gap and its impact on the workforce. This is one of the inequalities outlined in a 74-page report on the status of women — a report commissioned by the City of San Antonio.

Sáenz and recent graduate Lily Casura authored this report analyzing the standing of women on multiple dimensions including demographics, health and well-being, education, work, economic, housing, transportation, digital technology, business entrepreneurship, civic engagement, elected political representation, crime and violence, and deaths and despair. The purpose of the report is to offer city officials a reconnaissance of major issues that limit the full potential of women to lead successful lives.

— Michelle Skidmore