Posted on September 6, 2018 by Michelle Skidmore

Finding childcare for children of special needs is quite challenging. Bianca Ramirez, a graduate of the Master of Social Work program, addresses the need for adequate child care for children with disabilities in her op-ed featured in the San Antonio Express-News. Now that school has started for children all throughout Texas, families who have children with special needs such as autism, struggle with the search for adequately staffed and highly trained child care or after-school care providers.

“When searching for child care of after-school care, I am often faced with providers telling me they are not equipped, not trained or lack adequate staff to accommodate children with special needs,” said Ramirez.

Options are few for working parents of children with disabilities who need after school care providers.

A recent study on licensed child care facilities for Bexar County showed that there is only a small subset of facilities for children with special needs compared to those for children without.

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— Michelle Skidmore