HCAP's Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion efforts

HCAP acknowledges that Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) efforts involve an ongoing, active recognition of systemic oppression and its legacy on higher education and broader society. These systems include historical injustice related to, but not limited to, race and ethnicity; age; gender, gender identity and expression; sexual orientation; national origin; socioeconomic status; religious affiliation; disability status, and their intersecting identities. We seek to reduce these inequities by creating policies that promote inclusion and equitable opportunities across faculty, staff, students, and our college. By engaging in deliberate efforts to build our cultural intelligence, HCAP aims to create a vibrant culture of inclusiveness that furthers our collective capabilities to advance DEI initiatives.

UTSA is historically contingent, regionally, and culturally locatable. It was founded to advance the education of Mexican Americans and other underserved communities. HCAP commits to a vision of perpetual growth by tailoring our DEI strategic plan to our demographics, the recognition of UTSA as a Hispanic-Serving Institution, and the preferences, peoples, and cultures of the community of San Antonio and the State of Texas, to which we serve.

Alan Meca, Ph.D.


Alan Meca, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor



The Diversity of People and Cultures of San Antonio: Our Legacy and Our Opportunity

The College for Health, Community and Policy (HCAP) strives to commit resources and intentional strategies to embrace diversity and enhance opportunities for Hispanics and other underserved groups. We aim to remove barriers to create a deep sense of belonging, pride, and empowerment across students, staff, and faculty.