Equity Advocacy
Equity Advocacy

The College for Health, Community and Policy has prioritized an initiative to create a college-wide strategy and infrastructure with respect to diversity, equity and inclusion. Many departments within the college currently offer coursework and programming to prepare students for an increasingly diverse and global workforce; the initiative. Below is a detailed report which describes how HCAP is addressing this initiative.

The HCAP Leadership Team and DEI Committee have undertaken basic training, preliminary data analysis, and unit-level assessment of our starting points—collectively and individually.  As we move forward, we should continue with annual assessment and periodic trainings specific to our college.

We have six DEI-related goals:

  1. To develop a healthy DEI-related environment that embraces a culture of intersectionality, awareness, acceptance, and practices with each other and our community through our teaching, research and service
  2. To ensure all work expectations and compensation (student, staff, and faculty) are equitable
  3. To improve recruitment, retention, and graduation rates for underserved and marginalized students
  4. To engage community partners that reflect the rich diversity of the city, empowering underserved and minority people (UMP) and their communities
  5. To engage university partners and professional organizations, including affinity groups and student organizations representing UMP
  6. To increase the research and mentoring by, for, and with UMP

In addition, there is a draft strategic plan from the Committee. In the coming months, HCAP faculty and staff will finalize the plan.

We have selected a DEI Faculty Fellow from the faculty ranks to join the leadership team in these efforts, Dr. Alan Meca. We also hope to build a Justice, Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Leadership Training Program for our undergraduate and graduate students. These ideas are kernels, but the emerging DEI Plan will help us solidify a strategic path forward on our DEI efforts—all of which will be part of our Signature Project for next academic year and a permanent addition and shift in our culture moving forward.