Dear UTSA Criminal Justice Student,

We would like to congratulate you, as you have been identified as a rising star and may be eligible to join the University of Texas at San Antonio Chapter of Alpha Phi Sigma, The National Criminal Justice Honor Society.

Alpha Phi Sigma is the nationally recognized honor society for students in the Criminal Justice sciences. The society recognizes academic excellence by undergraduates as well as graduates of Criminal Justice.

To become a member, the student must have completed one-third of their total hours required for graduation at his/her institution. The student must be recommended, to Nationals, by the chapter advisor.

  • Undergraduate students must maintain a minimum of 3.2 overall GPA on a 4.0 scale in Criminal Justice courses. The student must also rank in the top 35% of their classes and have completed a minimum of four courses within the Criminal Justice curriculum. The Honor Society is open to those with a declared Criminal Justice major or minor.
  • Graduate students are required to maintain a minimum of a 3.4 GPA in both Criminal Justice courses and overall courses, on a 4.0 scale. Student must have completed a minimum of four courses within the Criminal Justice curriculum.

Benefits of being an Alpha Phi Sigma member:

  • More one-on-one time with Criminal Justice Professors for potential recommendation letters
  • Resume on personal benefits, e.g.,: volunteer events
  • Opportunity to meet high ranking Judges, Top Law Enforcement, District Attorney, and other Executives.
  • Special Internship opportunities at the Bexar County and Federal Courthouses. Special assignments such as the Drug and Veterans Court. Law Enforcement facilities such as the Fusion Center, San Antonio and Bexar County Emergency Management Offices. Private institutions such as AT&T, USAA San Antonio Spurs Security, and HEB Security
  • Scholarship consideration for study abroad in Spain.
  • Top consideration for federal law enforcement internships (Secret Service, US Marshall, FBI, Homeland Security,; and automatic pay grade promotion (GS-5 to GS-7/GS-7 to GS-9, etc.) for enrollment in an Honor Society

APS Student Member Application (U.S. Chapters) & Instructions

If you are eligible and interested in becoming a member, please complete the attached APS Student Member Application (U.S. Chapters).

Complete the form then print or download the application first, save as PDF, and then print form.

Drop it off to Mr. Meade along with two money orders. The first money order is a $30 one-time local fee (comes with a UTSA Alpha Phi Sigma shirt that you will receive from Mr. Meade) and the other is a one-time $50 national fee. Make the second payable to Alpha Phi Sigma National Headquarters. Please meet with Mr. Meade to drop off your application and payments. Please contact him for availability by email; his email is

You will be welcome to start attending the meetings immediately. We meet every two weeks and have multiple events (community service or fundraising events, networking events with professionals in San Antonio.

In order to remain an active member (to get regalia for graduation), you must follow the guidelines on completing 20 points per semester, which you can receive by attending meetings and any event we have; we meet bi-weekly at the Downtown Campus.

Contact Info

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me or one of our other officers.

Luis Venegas (Co-President) –

Jasmine Montoya (Vice President) –

Kelly Anderson (Secretary) –

Dana Palacios (Communication Coordinator) –

Marissa Portales (Treasurer) –

We look forward to meeting you!

Henry Meade, MPA


Henry Meade, MPA

Associate Professor of Practice, Alpha Phi Sigma - UTSA Chapter Advisor

Criminology and Criminal Justice