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The College for Health, Community and Policy is partly located on the historic Downtown Campus of the University of Texas at San Antonio and partly on the main campus at UTSA. We are in close proximity to more than 150 government, law enforcement, and nonprofit organizations that partner with us to offer internships to our students. Internships provide you with the opportunity to expose yourself to careers that match your personal and professional goals. Skills gained from practical experience will make you more valuable as an employee. Securing an internship is a fantastic way to establish critical networking connections with people who might be able to help you get the job you desire.



Criminal Justice Internships:

Internship Coordinator: Christopher Booker

Criminal Justice Internship Website

Directory of Internship Placements


Note: **If you are a Criminal Justice student, not all internship opportunities shared by the College for Health, Community and Policy will qualify for credit toward your 150 hours for CRJ 4933. Please refer to your Internship Coordinator Chris Booker for guidance.


Kinesiology Internships:

Internship Coordinator: Kelley Reno

Kinesiology Internship Website


Public Administration Internships:

Internship Coordinator: Gina Amatangelo

Public Administration Internship Website


Public Health Internships:


Public Health Internship Website


Psychology Internships:

Internship Coordinator: Dr.Eileen Achorn

Psychology Internship Website


Sociology Internships:

Internship Coordinator: Donna Miller

Sociology Internship Website