Graduate Student Travel

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Graduate Student Travel Funds from the College for Health, Community and Policy


  • September 30th for Fall or later travel
  • January 31st for Spring or later travel
  • April 30th for Summer travel

Award must be received prior to travel dates.



Graduate Student Travel Funds from the Graduate School

Application Process

  • Click for Application
  • PI Acknowledgement signature form (upload to application)
  • Personal statement (500-750 words) describing (upload to application):
    • Why is it important for you to present at this meeting?
    • How does it relate to your degree program and professional development?

Applications must be complete and submitted to The Graduate School through the online application portal. Please direct any questions to


The awarding process takes place twice in the fall semester, twice in the spring semester, and once during the summer. Students should submit their application:

  • Fall semester submission: September 1; November 1
  • Spring semester submission: February 1; April 1
  • Summer semester submission: July 1

Allow 30 days past the semester deadline(s) for application review and award disbursement.