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Community Health Worker Certificate

The Community Health Worker (CHW) Certificate is designed to help members of the community to provide health-related information to their fellow community members. This information can be disease-specific, treatment-related, or even facilitating access to care and insurance. Students are trained to work in a variety of community settings such as health educators, coordinators, and advocates.

The UTSA CHW Certificate is unique as students earn university credit that can be used toward an undergraduate degree. As a stackable certificate, the course credit could be applied with the addition of one or more focus areas to qualify for a Multidisciplinary Study (MDST) bachelor’s degree.

Community Health Worker


Certificate Requirements (15 semester credit hours)

Students must take five courses (15 credit hours) to earn this certificate and could complete the certificate within one to two semesters. Courses that will be taught at the UT Education & Research Center at Laredo this fall are:

  • HTH 3553 Emotional Wellness (elective)
  • HTH 2413 Introduction to Community and Public Health (required course)
  • HTH 4953 Special Studies in Health: Wellness and Health Promotion (required course)
  • PAD 4963 Special Studies in Health: Health Administration (required course)
  • SOC 4683 Health Disparities (required course) – will be offered online. Other online elective options are offered regularly as well. For full certificate information, please visit UTSA’s undergraduate catalog.

How to apply

Students interested in this certificate program will need to apply to UTSA as a non-degree seeking student on ApplyTexas. Follow the steps outlined on our Non-Degree Seeking Admission page and you must answer YES to the question “Will you be participating in a program that offers courses at the University of Texas Education & Research Center at Laredo?

Scholarship: » $1,000 scholarships are available to students who enroll in the certificate program for the upcoming Summer 2022 semester.

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