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Public Health

The internship experience (HTH 4936) is required for seniors seeking a degree in health or public health. It is required to complete the internship during the final semester of the degree. The internship gives the student an opportunity to apply and integrate the cognitive knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in real-world settings.

The major goals of the program are:

  • To prepare students for entry into the public health, community health, and health service related fields.
  • To ensure that graduates are knowledgeable regarding program development, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • To ensure that graduates have internalized positive attitudes and values toward the mission and goals of health and public health fields.

Health and Public Health majors are eligible to apply for an internship if they have:

  • Completed all degree requirements of the major and support work.
  • A minimum UTSA GPA of 2.5.
  • For the fall and spring semesters interns need to be within 13 hours of graduation including the 6 hours of the internship. During the summer semester, interns need only HTH 4936 and HTH 4921 (if required for their degree).

Summer and Fall 2021 Public Health Internship Information

The internship provides valuable real-world, degree-related experience that can assist with decisions about interest, career paths and graduate school. While we strongly encourage students to secure an internship, the Department of Public Health realizes the challenges of the current situation. As a result, all Health and Public Health students who are expected to graduate in Summer 2021 and Fall 2021 will have the option to substitute two (2) 3-credit courses to replace the 6-credit internship course HTH 4936.

Health and Public Health students can take any two of the following courses that are not already needed for their degree plan. (Courses with an asterisk * are available in Summer 2021)

HTH 3303 Physical Activity and Health
HTH 3513 Community Health
HTH 3543 Growth and Development *
HTH 3553 Emotional Wellness
HTH 3563 Child & Adolescent Health Promotion
HTH 3663 Program Planning and Evaluation *
HTH 4513 Consumer Health*
HTH 4533 Nutrition and Health

PUB 4043 Global Health * (credit cannot be earned if taken SOC 4043 Global Health previously; identical course)
PUB 4053 Health Care System (credit cannot be earned if taken SOC 4053 Health Care System previously; identical course)

KIN 3103 Motor Development *
KIN 3113 Scientific Principles of Physical Activity
KIN 3413 Instruction of Sports & Games
KIN 4023 Exercise Psychology *
KIN 4123 Introduction to Sport Psychology *

PSY 3303 Psychological Perspectives on Gender *
PSY 3523 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging *
PSY 4253 Psychology of Health *

PAD 3003 Fundraising/Nonprofit Agencies
PAD 3033 Intro to Nonprofit Agencies
PAD 3043 Public & Nonprofit Financial Management

SOC 3213 Medical Sociology *
SOC 3223 Population Dynamics/Demography Techniques *
SOC 3283 Poverty *
SOC 3323 Introduction to Social Research *
SOC 4023 Violence and Society *
SOC 4683 Health Disparities

COM 3293 Intro to Health Communication *
COM 3593 Health Communication Campaigns

PHI 3203 Biomedical Ethics

For students choosing the two course substitution, please note these guidelines:

  1. Courses must be taken during your final semester at UTSA.
  2. Previously taken courses will NOT be substituted for the internship class.
  3. If there are prerequisite courses that you have not taken, you will need to obtain permission from the instructor and department chair to enroll in those courses.
  4. Once you have registered for your two courses, please email your advisor so they can adjust your degree plan. In this email indicate if you need HTH 4921 and copy PublicHealth.Internship@utsa.edu so the department is aware of your decision and can register you for HTH 4921 if needed.

For students who want to complete an internship during Fall 2021, you will need to:

  • Review the Fall 2021 Public Health Internship Process narrated lectures and Internship Manual below
  • Secure an internship site from the list on this page
  • Once a site is secured, complete the online Internship Overview Form and upload it with your signed Internship Site Guidelines Form and Remote Internship Plan Form at the website listed below
  • Deadline: Fall 2021 internship paperwork must be submitted by 12noon Friday, July 2, 2021.

All fall internship paperwork should be submitted here: https://utsa.az1.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_9QUUMU4AtnqrpHg

**Information regarding Spring 2022 internships, including updated forms and deadlines, will be available in late August 2021. Please note that a course substitution option will not be offered for students graduating in Spring 2022. Students with a GPA of 2.5 or higher should plan to complete a 300 hour internship at one of the approved agencies listed below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Key Internship Documents

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Fall 2021 Public Health Internship Process

Internship Manual

In Person Internship Form – Fall 2021 only

Internship Guidelines Form

Professionalism in Your Internship

Approved Internship Organizations

Health Agencies

Research Agencies

Department of Public Health

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