Public Health

The internship experience (HTH 4936) is required for seniors seeking a degree in health or public health. The internship should be completed during the final semester of the degree plan. Please read this page fully for all of the information you will need to find and register for an internship.

The internship gives the student an opportunity to apply and integrate the cognitive knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in real-world settings. The major goals of the program are:

  • To prepare students for entry into the public health, community health, and health service-related fields.
  • To ensure that graduates are knowledgeable regarding program development, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • To ensure that graduates have internalized positive attitudes and values toward the mission and goals of health and public health fields.

Public Health Internship Eligibility and Modality Information

Health and Public Health majors are eligible to apply for an internship if they have:

  • Completed all degree requirements of the major and support work.
  • A minimum UTSA GPA of 2.5.

For the fall and spring semesters, interns need to be within 13 hours of graduation including the 6 hours of the internship. During the summer semester, interns should only take HTH 4936 and HTH 4921 (if required for their degree).

Internships are required for all graduating health and public health students meeting the eligibility requirements. Course substitutions are not an option. Students may complete internships in-person, remote, or hybrid. Note, the modality will depend on the needs and requirements of each individual internship site. Students are responsible for ensuring their site offers the student’s preferred modality and working with the site supervisor to complete appropriate paperwork documenting the modality.

For students completing an internship in Spring 2023, you will need to:

  • Review all of the links listed below under ‘Key Internship Documents’ (below)
  • Complete the self-assessment
  • Review the approved internship sites from the list on this page (scroll down); click on their names to access their contact sheets
  • Contact prospective sites to see if they are accepting internships and to request interviews
  • Once you have secured an internship, you and your site supervisor should sign the Internship Site Guidelines Form
  • Submit the signed form and your student information through the internship portal by the deadline

Key Internship Documents

(click on the titles below to access materials)

Self-Assessment Worksheet

Public Health Internship Process

Internship Manual

Internship Guidelines Form

Professionalism in Your Internship

Templates (Resume, Cover Letter, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Approved Internship Organizations

Health Agencies

Research Agencies

Austin, TX Agencies

Department of Public Health

Phone: 210-458-8169
Location: MB 3.324
The University of Texas at San Antonio
One UTSA Circle
San Antonio, TX 78249-1644