Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

You are fascinated by the brain and what makes a person tick, what they think, how they feel, why they actin specific ways. You want to utilize research to understand human behavior. Most of all, you want to apply that understanding and affect change.

A career in Psychology is the right fit — and there is no better place to earn your degree than the University of Texas at San Antonio.

A Bachelor of Arts in Psychology will prepare you for employment in the private and public sectors in research, data analytics, higher education, counseling, leadership, administration, industry or consulting. You’ll examine individual and group behaviors, attitudes, perceptions, and interpersonal dynamics. You’ll also develop skills that are sought by employers: critical and logical thinking, problem solving,strategizing, data management, analysis, and interpretation, applied behavior analysis, effective communication in both writing and orally and a general ability to implement change. You aim for an understanding of the human mind.

Kiah Johnson“The faculty are always welcoming and willing to answer questions. They really want you to succeed – you will always have a support system.”

– Kiah Johnson ’22


For more information on graduate study in psychology, visit the APA website.

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