Nutrition for Health Professionals Certificate
Nutrition for Health Professionals Certificate

Nutrition The Nutrition for Health Professionals certificate will cover nutrition among all stages of life, as it relates to prevention, management, and treatment strategies to promote optimal health. Nutrition education and communication strategies will be a central focus. Courses are taught by Registered, Licensed Dietitians.

The certificate program is open to all majors. Courses can be taken toward certificate completion or as a stand-alone elective.

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Certificate Completion Requirements

15 hours total + 1 required Prerequisite: NDT 2043 Introduction to Nutrition Sciences or equivalent

Required courses:

  • NDT 3343 Nutrition through the Lifespan
  • NDT 3363 Nutrition Education and Communication for Health Professionals

Electives: (9 hours elective course)

NDT 2313 Introduction to Public Health Nutrition
NDT 3373 Foundations of Maternal & Child Health and Nutrition
NDT 2323 Nutrition Matters: Food Systems from Farm to Fork
NDT 3413 Advanced Nutrition
NDT 4333 Community Nutrition*
NDT 4343 Nutrition in Disease Prevention and Health Promotion *
NDT 4363 Current Issues in Nutrition

*NDT 4333 and NDT 4343 can be substituted with the following courses HTN 3503, HTN 4513, HTN 4533, HTH 4503 or other related course (4000 level or higher) by approval