Nutrition and Dietetics
Verification Statement

Requirements for students to receive the verification statement. The dietetic student will be expected to demonstrate core knowledge and entry-level competency (see definition below) in nutrition and dietetics by successfully fulfilling the course and experiential requirements defined by the Coordinated Program in Dietetics, in accordance to UTSA, CDR and ACEND policies.

Entry-level competence is defined as: a set of specific knowledge, ability, skills, and values; behaviors expected of a practitioner (during the first 3 years of practice); and the minimum level of performance requiring speed and accuracy consistent with providing optima service or care to patients or clients. (Ref. 2012 ACEND DE Standards, pgs. 75, 78)


Upon successful fulfillment of all program requirements described above, the student will receive a verification statement upon completion of the MDS degree. Students will be recommended to CDR to write the registration examination in dietetics. The verification statement will be presented to the student immediately after graduation. Students may request mailing of the statement if not present at graduation. Copies of verification records will be kept on file in the Dietetics Director’s office indefinitely and will be available to former students upon request.