Nutrition and Dietetics

The bachelors’ and master’s degrees are awarded by the Board of Regents following the student’s completion of the prescribed course of study, the recommendation of the faculty, and the certification by the Dean of the College of Education and Human Development and the President of The University of Texas at San Antonio that the candidate has fulfilled all requirements for the degree and certificate.

A student is bound by the requirements of the University Catalog ( ) in force at the time of her/his admission; however, a student must complete all requirements within seven (7) years or be subject to degree requirements of subsequent Catalogs. General and specific requirements for degrees may be altered in successive Catalogs. The student who is required to or chooses to fulfill the requirements of a subsequent Catalog must have her/his amended degree plan approved by the appropriate dean.

NOTE: The admission date to UTSA may be different to the admission to the CPD. Students in the program under the BS/MDS option are expected to complete the requirements within 4.5 years, from the time of admission to the program. Those in the MDS option are expected to complete within 3 years).

Degrees are conferred only on official dates publicly announced. The Bachelor of Science in Nutrition and Dietetics (BS) will be conferred upon those students who have successfully completed all core curriculum and the two years of program requirements. Students who fail to progress to or complete the Masters level phase of the Program, but have a GPA of 2.0/4.0 scale may be eligible to receive the BS degree independent of the MDS degree. No verification statement of completion for the CPD will be given to students who do not complete the MDS requirements. Students must successfully complete the third year didactic and supervised practice component of the program to earn the MDS degree. Students seeking the dual BS/MDS degrees will be awarded both degrees together upon completion of the MDS requirements.

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