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Exercise and Health Psychology Lab

Dr. Masataka Umeda, Director

The primary aim of the Exercise and Health Psychology Lab is to advance our knowledge regarding physical activity and health. In particular, Dr. Umeda has been conducting research examining the influence of physical activity on pain and pain processing in a variety of populations (e.g., chronic pain patients, healthy adults, physically active individuals). Dr. Umeda’s research is typically conducted using psychophysiological approaches, where pain and pain processing is examined in conjunction with physiological (e.g., resting blood pressure, blood pressure reactivity, resting heart rate variability) and psychological variables.


The Exercise and Health Psychology Lab is equipped with several pieces of equipment to conduct the research outlined above.

  • Laboratory Pain Stimuli: Constant electrical current stimulator, pressure stimulator, cold pressor test, and muscular contraction test
  • Cardiovascular Monitoring: Omron blood pressure monitor, Finapres NOVA cardiovascular monitor, and Polar heart rate monitor
  • Physical Activity Monitoring: ActiGraph activity tracker
  • Exercise Equipment: Baseline hand dynamometer, and Lord Corival cycle ergometer


Research opportunities may be available to qualified, well-motivated students. Please contact Dr. Umeda for more information.


Lab Director

Dr. Masataka Umeda

Dr. Umeda’s Publication List


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Department of Kinesiology

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