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The internship experience (KIN 4936) is required for some seniors seeking a degree in Kinesiology.  Internship (KIN 4936) can be taken as an elective for students who are on degree plans that do not require an internship experience. Students can see whether or not the internship is required by reviewing their degree plans in Degree Works. The internship should be completed during the final semester of the degree. The internship gives the student an opportunity to apply and integrate the cognitive knowledge and skills developed in the classroom in real-world settings.

The major goals of the program are:

  • To prepare students for entry into the kinesiology related fields.
  • To ensure that graduates are knowledgeable regarding program development, planning, implementation and evaluation.
  • To ensure that graduates have internalized positive attitudes and values toward the mission and goals of kinesiology disciplines.

Students must apply for the internship the semester before they complete the internship. The Kinesiology majors are eligible to apply for an internship if they:

  • Have a minimum UTSA GPA of 2.5.
  • Are within 12-13 hours of completing all degree requirements of the major and support work to complete the internship during the fall and spring semesters.
  • Are within 6-7 hours of completing all degree requirements of the major and support work to complete the internship during the 10-week summer session.

Fall 2020 Internship Registration

The internship provides a valuable real-world, degree-related experience that can assist with decisions about interest, career paths, and graduate school. While we strongly encourage students to secure an internship, the Department of Kinesiology realizes the challenges of the current situation. As a result, the Department will continue to allow students who plan to graduate in Fall 2020 to take two 3-credit hour courses in place of completing the internship (KIN 4936) for the fall.

  • Students can take any upper-division (3000, 4000) KIN course or any upper-division (3000, 4000) HTH course that is not already needed for their degree plan.
  • Previously taken courses can be substituted for the internship class if they meet the criteria above.
  • If the courses have prerequisites, students will need to obtain permission from the instructor and department chair to enroll in those courses.
  • Once you have registered for your two courses, please email your advisor so they can adjust your degree plan, and copy KIN.Internship@utsa.edu so the department is aware of your decision.

We still think that the internship offers a valuable experience, especially for students who do not have work-experience in the field. If you want to complete the internship in the fall, please carefully review the Internship Manual and the video recording or Power Point slide on Fall 2020 Internship Eligibility, Requirements, and processes. For Fall 2020, the Department of Kinesiology will not be accepting new site requests. If you cannot intern at the approved sites, please take two 3-credit hours courses instead.

The educational work plan for Fall 2020 Kinesiology Internship is due on 8/1/2020.

Click here to see the responses to the questions that were asked during the virtual Q&A session on 6/18. We will schedule another Q&A session soon after the university announces the plan for the fall in early July.

Key Internship Documents

Fall 2020 Internship Eligibility, Requirements, and processes (Video Recording) | (.pptx)

Internship Manual (Summer 2020)

Internship Manual (Revised for Fall 2020 Internship)

Educational Work Plan

Credit hour appeal

Work experience appeal

New-site request

Internship Sites – Sites that you can work remotely are indicated by (*)

Exercise Physiology / Exercise Science and Wellness concentrations

Kinesiology and Health Science / Athletic Medicine concentrations

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