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Graduate Student Funding
Graduate Student Funding

The College for Health, Community and Policy (HCaP) is committed to supporting graduate students during their progression toward degree attainment. Ensuring our students have financial support, when available, is a critical component of their pathway to graduation, exposure to research activities, and professional development.

Scope & Principles

The Graduate Student Funding Policy* was developed based on the following principles:

  • Encourage equity across graduate students within HCaP
  • Compensate students with a fair working wage
  • Offer access to health care
  • Offset tuition cost (when available)
  • Provide resources for living expenses (when available)

Eligibility Requirements

  • Students must be enrolled in 9 semester credit hours in the Fall and Spring and 3 semester credit hours in the Summer.
  • Student must maintain good standing with the Graduate School.

Funding Levels

  • Competitive scholarships ($1,000): Provides in-state tuition to the student. Students must maintain good academic standing and be enrolled in a minimum of six credit hours throughout both long semesters to maintain eligibility. Awardees will be determined by departments based on internal criteria.
  • Health insurance: Reimbursement offered for the purchase of 12-months of health insurance
  • Student Employment: Students are hired based on 19 hours per week for 9 or 12 months at the rates listed below. MS students: rate of $13.16 per hour; PhD students: rate of $15.18 per hour
  • Tuition and fees: (PhD students only) see below

Financial Support Guidelines


  Support Type 9 Months 12 Months
Masters Students GRA/GTA $10,000 $13,000
Total $10,000 $13,000


GRA/GTA/TAII $12,000 $15,000
Tuition $8,500 $10,000
Total $20,500 $25,000


*This policy applies to graduate students in any HCaP program funded from institutional resources (i.e., College or Department). This policy does not currently apply to students funded on sponsored projects, but the goal is to extend this policy to all graduate student funding in upcoming years.