Graduate Student Funding
Graduate Student Funding

The College for Health, Community and Policy (HCAP) is committed to supporting graduate students during their progression toward degree attainment. Ensuring our students have financial support, when available, is a critical component of their pathway to graduation, exposure to research activities, and professional development.

Scope & Principles

The Graduate Student Funding Policy was developed based on the following principles:

  • Encourage equity across graduate students within HCAP
  • Compensate students with a fair working wage
  • Offer access to health care (when available)
  • Offset tuition cost (when available)
  • Provide resources for living expenses (when available)

HCAP Doctoral Student Funding

HCAP Ph.D. programs offer competitive funding packages to students throughout their tenure in the program. The typical funding package includes fiscal support to be employed as a Graduate Assistant, payment for tuition and fees for full-time enrollment, and coverage for basic health insurance. The total fiscal package is approx. $40,000 – please see here for specifics. Out-of-state and international students may qualify for in-state tuition as recipients of competitive scholarships. Additional fellowships and scholarship opportunities are available within and outside of UTSA.

Eligibility Requirements

Please download the full funding guidelines here.