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Get to Know HCaP
Get to Know HCaP

The College for Health, Community and Policy contains nine academic disciplines, all of which inform each other. The College was created exactly because these important areas directly affect one another – you can’t examine public policy, for example, without considering public health, criminology and criminal justice, psychology, nutrition, sociology, and more.

The College was formed in 2020 and had a series of events to introduce some of our professors. Professors from each discipline discussed current events and how their fields of study related.

A Conversation with Dean Cossman

Dean Cossman introduces the College and its disciplines.

Physical Activity and Nutrition

Dr. Sarah Ullevig (Nutrition & Dietetics) and Dr. Tianou Zhang (Kinesiology) discuss the many links between physical activity and nutrition – especially in the times of COVID-19.

Youth Well-Being in San Antonio

Dr. Heidi Rueda (Social Work) and Dr. Lloyd Potter (Demography) discuss youth well-being in San Antonio.


Consequences of Crime Hot Spots

Dr. Ray Swisher (Sociology) and Dr. Megan Augustyn (Criminology and Criminal Justice) discuss how their discplines view and attempt to solve the issues surrounding crime hot spots.


Stress/Coping in the time of COVID

Dr. Mary McNaughton-Cassill (Psychology) and Dr. Sara Oswalt (Public Health) discuss the impacts of stress and methods for coping.

Policy in the Local Landscape

Roger Enriquez, JD (Criminology and Criminal Justice) and Dr. Francine Romero (Public Administration) discuss policymaking in San Antonio and beyond.