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Student Interests
Albert Kofi Assogba Health disparities, maternal and infant mortality and morbidity, migration, mental health
Igal Avshman Mental health, migration and occupation
Samson Olowolaju Demographic methods, mortality, population health, health disparities, population and development, spatial analysis
Lily Casura Poverty, Domestic violence, women veterans and homelessness
Debarati Chakraborty Family demography
Scott Craig Urban renewal/gentrification and health
Adolph Joseph Delgado HIV
Jairemy Edwards Migration, Population Health, Spatial Demography
Brandon Flores Family demography
Selene M. Gomez Immigration, US/Mexico migration, immigration policy, racial justice, Latinx voter turnout, policy and inequalities impacting communities of color
Julie Gonzalez Environmental risk factors and health
Elhakim Ibrahim health disparities, demographic methods, population and development
Joseph Jaiyeola Spatial demography, international migration
Candace Jennings Health disparities, inequality, urban planning
William Kazanis Opiod abuse, social determinants of health, healthcare access
Uriel Lomelí Social demography, mortality, demography of conflict and violence
Ricardo Lowe Race/ethnicity, urban sociology, education
Rebecca Luttinen Fertility, Maternal and child health, Cultural Norms
Daniel Mamani Biodemography, Health disparities, aging
Cristina Martinez Racial and ethnic disparities, economic and health inequalities
Andrew McCracken public health, health disparities, maternal morbidity and mortality
Alejandra Mora TBD
Jyoti Nepal Public health disparities, adverse childhood experiences, mental health
Lydia Okabe Migration, race and ethnicity, mortality and health disparities and how they affect minorities/ immigrants/ African Americans
Christina G. Quintanilla-Munoz Educational inequities and health disparities
Ricardo Ramirez Poverty, inequality, labor force outcomes
Joshua Reyna Mortality
Camerino Salazar Health disparities, healthcare management
Drew Schaefer Health disparities, infrastructure
Sarah Serpas Inequality/segregation, spatial demography, housing values/displacement, social capital
Sarah Sharmin Health disparities in maternal health, rural and urban health disparitiest
Bryan Solomon Access to healthcare
Mahmuda Sultana Maternal and child health, migration
Christine Thomas Health disparities, mental health
Asya Validova International migration, labor force, health inequality, mortality, fertility
Karina Vielma TBD
Cynthia Villareal Health disparities
Stephen Weeks Sexual minority health, biomarkers, health disparities
Marissa Wilson Suicide risk, health disparities
Jeffrey Wright Political demography and U.S. electoral politics.
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