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Student Research

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Institutional Review Board

CITI Training (All students must complete this prior to the dissertation phase, for questions contact the department)

Directory of current Ph.D. students and their research interests:

Student Interests
Serge Atherwood Labor force dynamics, life course research
Igal Avshman Immigration, mental health
Fikre Bitew Maternal and child health, statistical methods, data science
Paulina Cano Educational inequality
Lily Casura homelessness, poverty, domestic violence
Scott Craig Health disparities, gentrification
Monica Cruz Housing, poverty, economic development, partner violence
Colton Daniels Crime and delinquency, risk-taking behaviors, intimate partner violence, religion
Ashlee Dupray Political demography
Jairemy Edwards Migration, political demography and labor market outcomes
Cailey Elder Health, religion, violent crime
Noelia Flores TBD
Kahli Hedrick-Romano Education, inequality, program evaluation
Stephanie Hernandez Sexual minority health, health disparities
Howard Hughes Veteran labor markets
Elhakim Ibrahim health disparities, demographic methods, population and development
Candace Jennings Health disparities, inequality, urban planning
William Kazanis Opiod abuse, social determinants of health, healthcare access
Jeongsoo Kim Fertility, pensions, Korean
Tobias Kuhn Electrical vehicles, environmental demography
Uriel Lomelí Conflict and Violence, Mortality, Spatial Demography
Ricardo Lowe Race/ethnicity, urban sociology, education
Cristina Martinez Food security, obesity, health disparities
Robyn Mason Mental health in women
Muntasir Masum Health, mortality, spatial demography
Andrew McCracken public health, health disparities, maternal morbidity and mortality
Alejandra Mora TBD
Samuel Nyarko Fertility, sexual and reproductive health, spatial demography
Tracy Quiroz Health disparities, social demography, aging
Ricardo Ramirez Poverty, inequality, labor force outcomes
Ali Roghani Family demography, life course
Camerino Salazar Health disparities, healthcare management
Steven Sano TBD
Sarah Serpas Educational inequality, economic geography
Sarah Sharmin Maternal mortality, adolescent health, educational attainment
Asya Validova Fertility, immigration, labor market outcomes
Karina Vielma TBD
Cynthia Villareal Health disparities
Stephen Weeks Sexual minority health, biomarkers, health disparities
Marissa Wilson Suicide risk, health disparities
Jeffrey Wright Political demography and U.S. electoral politics.
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