Master of Science in Applied Demography

The Master of Science in Applied Demography will give students a graduate level introduction to the study of population and how the tools of a demographer are used to guide policy decisions. At the end of the degree program, students will be able to: work with large and complex data sources; analyze these data using appropriate statistical tests; graphically present data using statistical techniques and GIS; and write reports and papers based on empirically based questions using real data.

Why Pursue an M.S. in Applied Demography at UTSA?

  • The demand for applied demographers in both research and industry settings is increasing and the skillset that our program provides will allow you to fill these emerging and high-demand job roles.
  • Our program has a strong emphasis on socially and policy-informed data science, where you receive training in quantitative data analysis with an emphasis on problem solving in social, health, and policy research settings.

Career options

Graduates of the program will be employed as data analysts throughout the region in health, policy, education, and data science careers. The training in data analysis, computer software, and data management will be marketable in many settings. In addition, program graduates will have the option of continuing into the Ph.D. in Applied demography.

For more information, please contact the Graduate Advisor of Record, Dr. Corey Sparks:


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