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Alpha Phi Sigma Alumni Spotlight
Alpha Phi Sigma Alumni Spotlight - Criminology & Criminal Justice

Meet Tiffany Marsh

UTSA Police Officer, Alpha Phi Sigma alumni

UTSA Police Officer

My journey is nearly complete! Over the years here at UTSA I wore four different uniforms. My first was as a member of the UTSA Band, second as a SAPD Explorer, third as a Security Officer and now as a UTSA Police Officer.

My introduction into the world of law enforcement began at the age of 19 when I put myself in the SAPD explorers program.  I saw from the inside what being a police officer was really about.

Throughout college I worked as a security guard while a member of the UTSA Band. The job as a security officer helped me gain confidence in myself and sharpened by communication skills.  Being a member of the band allowed me to stay grounded and also enjoy college. Today, after graduation, my path has bought me back to UTSA as a member of the UTSA Police Department.

I have a lot of people to “Thank” in helping me reach my goals and giving me the courage to take a leap into the unknown. The mentoring I have received from day one here at UTSA has surely made me the person I am today. Although my professional journey has just begun I know my four years at UTSA have prepared me for the challenges before me.