Center for Community Based and Applied Health Research

Thank you very much for visiting the Center for Community Based and Applied Health Research (CCBAHR) webpage. The CCBAHR facilitates collaborative and innovative approaches to the health issues that impact our communities and aims to engage, empower and mobilize communities to increase opportunities for optimal health and quality of life for all. Our research uses a participatory action approach and therefore goes beyond analyzing the issues to engaging in immediate and evidence-based action to address those issues. For this reason, much of our work includes intervention work and research that benefits our communities immediately or in the near future. If you are a researcher who is interested in this type of meaningful work, please visit our ‘For Researchers’ section to see the research being done and please email us to discuss opportunities for collaboration. If you are a community member, we welcome you to visit our ‘Community Partners’ page to see the work we are doing and please connect with us through our social media outreach for updates on our work in the community. Plus, if you are interested in serving as a Community Advisory Board member, please email us at We are always accepting applications for Board members. If you are a student interested in getting involved in meaningful and impactful research, please see our ‘For Students’ section to read about the opportunities for internships and Graduate Research Assistantships. For all groups, even if your background is not in health, please know your experiences and training can provide an additional lens that helps us to address these pressing health issues. We look forward to working with everyone on these critical issues and making significant differences in the lives of our community members.

Dr. Erica T. Sosa & Dr. Meizi He