Center for Applied Community & Policy Research

Services provided through the center:

Data Collection: 
Provide issue-specific data collection and analysis.

Program Evaluation: 
Implement, process and outcome evaluation oriented towards the public policy program.

Grant Writing: 
Assist with all phases of the grant writing process directly or by referral to schools, governments or community partners. Assist with the needs statements and evaluation parts of the grant.

Facilitate design, implementation and evaluation processes.

Training & Workshops:
Tailor training programs, workshops or presentations concerning grant writing, evaluation, planning, data collection and analysis, program management, and supervision.

Research Assistance: 
Assist Principal Investigators for grant management, supervision of staff, budgeting, data management, report publication, and public presentations.

Present research findings to community groups or University classes. Placement and supervision of students in applied research experience, service learning, and/or civic engagement projects are available. Data sets are available for student projects. Presentations concerning research design and management are available for classes using current projects as an example.